Meaningful programming T-shirts

From Jeff Prosise

Comment my code?

Why do you think they call it code?

Perfectly true. It is the same thing expressed in an interesting book I'm reading (Hackers and Painters, by Paul Graham - it is an interesting book, with some very good points and some very weak spots.. more on this in a later post, when I'll finish it).

The shirt is obviusly intended to be ironc.. but there is truth in the statement. A programming language is the perfect way to express algorithms; if you have to go and comment it.. you are not writing good code! Comments should be placed only in the right and meaningful spots (bleargh to automatic tools - what they were think at when they promoted the use of this tool?)

On a similar note, another T-shirt (or cup) I always wanted to have is

It compiles!

Let's ship it!

(Also the subtitle of my blog). The message is funny, but it shouldn't be: I hate testing, and my dream for the future is a really automatic and clever tool that is executed when you build your program. Love static analisys, and remember: an error the compiler can catch is a bug less in your product!

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