Notable news

Some funny / useful things I found browsing last week:
  • From Brad Adams, .NET Framework 2.0 Poster
    It is the replication of the version 1.1 I found shipped with Visual Studio 2003; unfortunaltely the same poster wasn't in my Visual Studio 2005 box. Great!
  • selk'bag
    The SELK’BAG is a sleeping bag you wear. The entire bag fits like a glove. You can walk with it, sleep in a sit position.. I think it would be great to have one of these for my work place in summer: the ice-conditioning system makes our offices freezing cold!
  • TiwyFeeds
     "Take It With You" Feed Reader: the idea is great, the realization is poor..

    But I'd definitely love a feed reader 'a-la' gmail, where you can store all your feeds and news for an unlimited amount of time, with a searchable interface!
  • Krugle
    A search engine for developers: personally I use google + MSN desktop search (for code on my machine). But a tool tailored to developers is surely great! I'd like to have Visual Studio search and navigation facilities in a desktop serch application...


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