On the way of OS history

Last post I wrote that windows/386 (on a Compaq Prolinea 486) was my first OS. Next there were Windows 3.1 (and 3.11), and next? If you are guessing windows 95, you are wrong.. My next OS, in 1994, if i recall it correctly, was Windows NT 3.1! A friend of mine was a system administrator at my father's office, so when he bought NT 3.5 he gave to me NT 3.1! What a big leap =) I still had dual boot with DOS (for games) but I think I can say I pioneered the 32-bit era. I never left NT since then, and I always had dual boot machines (though OS were really expensive at that time! I remember I changed machine when it was OS upgrade time, to have a cheaper OEM version): Win95 / NT4.0, Win95 / Win2000.. and finally a unique OS with XP!

My dearest OS still remains NT 3.5. I never had it on one of my machines, but I used to work on it. It was beautiful, a "pure" OS, if you get what I mean. On the other side, I admired the most Windows 95. It was, and is, an engineer masterpiece of equilibrism. How they managed to make it so compatible with a pletora of legacy applications, bringing 32 bits to the userland, and being fairly stable..it's a mystery!

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