Sorry for the delay

Wow! It's been a long time since my last blog.. Too much to do at work, plus a little holiday with a trip to Florence.. =)
Here in Italy we had a pleasant long week-end (we call it a "bridge" when an holiday day comes close to the weekend), and I especially enjoyed it at my granma' in Florence.
It snowed a little the week before, it was only about 20 cm but I think we are not more used to snow: traffic was a mess, and childrens were so happy =) it used to snow a lot more when I was a child, when i was five we had a huge snow shower that brought us almost 1 meter of snow!

So, back on this blog subject: programming! At work we had a lot of work because our servers finally arrived. There were 4 beautiful AMD opteron at 2.6GHz that needed me to be inserted in an HPC cluster. An HPC cluster is not for redundancy or fail-over, nor for load distribution in a web-server fashion: is about high performance computing. So, I had to learn about ways of configuring and using the cluster, and because I found the informations both interesting and amusing the few next entries will be about clusters!

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