What am I going to say?

As 2006 is arrived, is time for a little plan for this blog. Something I want to share is my experience adding contracts (synchronization contracts, to be precise) to the .NET Framework. I did various trials: at BCL, CLR and Compiler level. Every one has advantages and disadvantage. Personally, I think that the one acting at CLR level is very interesting (it uses the Profiling APIs and the Unmanaged Metadata API to dynamically inject the verification and update code!). So, at least three posts on the three methods.

Next, I'd like to spend some more words on concurrency and parallel computing.

And since I'm starting a new project on Bioinformatics at work (fold prediction), I should be able to write some posts on this argument too.

Finally, if they want me to continue fight with castor porting damn java web applications, I'll have to dump my frustration here.. =)

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